Sweet Life without the Sugar

August- at the moment it is all about blue skies, hot days and ice creams. However, here at Central Street Cookery School we are thinking about ways of eating less sugar, specifically looking at diabetic-friendly recipes. This is in preparation … Continued

Focus on BBQ – Tips from top chef Grant Hawthorne

This month the cookery school has a chef guest: our Knife Skills teacher Grant Hawthorne who as the owner of African Volcano, knows a thing or two on barbecuing.  Grant has a stall at Maltby Street Market and every weekend … Continued

Introduction to Knife Skills

Are you curious about learning to cook but feel intimidated?  In that case our cookery school is the place to come to for help. We sometimes find that there are a lot of people who are curious about cooking and … Continued

Our weekly cookery clubs on Wednesdays

If you have attended our Wednesday cookery clubs, you will be familiar with our approach, our classes are not specific to a particular subject, instead we do what most people would do in their own home when you open your … Continued

Some thoughts on Sorrell

For our monthly recipe I thought it would be interesting to mention sorrel which is abundant at this time of year.  Sorrel is a tangy and nutritious leaf that is easy to grow all year long and that unfortunately is … Continued

Family baking on a budget – Easter treats.

                      Children love making things and they love working with their hands.  By spending a little time showing them how to make simple baked goodies then they will be attracted … Continued

Sexy Truffles

      February’s recipe: As this is the month of love, we would like to offer you a delicious recipe for sexy truffles.  All you need is 300g good-quality dark chocolate 300ml pot double cream 50g butter Plus any … Continued

Countdown to Christmas – tips on how to economise by being organised.

When it comes to planning the Christmas meal it always pays off to do a little planning beforehand. The plan below  is a simple guide for planning Christmas and cut on unnecessary expenditure. Two weeks before Christmas By now you … Continued

The Great Islington Bake-Off – come and join in!

                          Have you ever wished to be one of the lucky bakers? Would you like to take part in something of the kind? Well in that case you … Continued

Get in shape this Autumn with our unique 8 to health lifestyle plan!

                        Are the extra pounds getting in the way of your health? Are you tired of feeling tired? Are you bored of diets that lead nowhere Then St Luke’s … Continued

This summer give yourself a break… ditch the sugar and feel great.

  Summer is for enjoying yourself and your need to be full of energy to take on the fun!  One good way to feel great all day is by making simple changes to our diet.  Did you know that by … Continued

Fizz Fest – Our Cookery School becomes an Ice Cream parlour

                  In June the Cookery School invites you all to our ice cream parlour extravaganza, where our kitchen will be transformed to an ice cream cone factory.  Come and make your very … Continued