Course info

Course: Monthly Cookery Club
Chef: Mark Breen
Date: Wednesday February 28, 2018
Time: 7:00 pm
Cost: £ 30
Places available: 12

Chef Mark Breen will be teaching our February Monthly Cookery Club where we will cook a seasonal dinner to enjoy together afterwards.  Bring your friends, a bottle of wine and prepare yourself to a complete treat.   Did you know that the money you spend to have fun goes towards subsidising our community cookery classes? 


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About the Chef

Mark is a classically trained chef. Mark has experience in some of London’s best restaurants including St John’s and Lyle’s as well as collaborations with a range of the capital’s great chefs.  Alongside teaching he now works as a private chef and offers unique dining experiences across the city. Mark’s passion is for using quality, locally produced, seasonal ingredients. Mark loves to see his class participants having fun, whilst also learning to make delicious food.

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Our Payment Process
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