Garibaldi & Gelato


-A project funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund focused to document the Italian heritage of Clerkenwell through the historical gastronomy of the area –

Our cookery school is located in the EC1 postcode of London next door to Clerkenwell. Due to its high concentration of Italian migrants this district was also known as ‘Little Italy’ and it therefore carries a rich gastronomic heritage that fuses with old London traditions. Many of the older members of our community have Italian ancestry or have married into Italian families, and are justly proud of their roots. They have been part of a particular way of life that is fast disappearing and that needs to be captured before it is lost.

Our project set out to discover the gastronomic heritage of Clerkenwell by exploring the memories of local residents, culminating in the production of a recipe book, videos and sound recordings.

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The recipe collection from the project can be downloaded below:

Clerkenwell's Italian Food History on a Plate
Download the project recipe book here

Making Pasta and Ravioli – see the recipe in the cookbook